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Other Insurance


Most people are already quite well aware of their choices in home insurance, Auto Insurance, and life insurance. However, it is not a very well known fact that you can obtain other insurance for nearly any of your possessions. Just because your items are a bit out of the ordinary doesn't mean you cannot get high quality insurance policy coverage for your boat, recreational vehicle (RV), or your other toy. Here are some of the basics about other insurance coverage types.

  Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

If you own a recreational vehicle you are likely to be out on the road with it, traveling through different areas -- often different states. RV insurance is very different from car insurance. How you use your RV. How often you use it. Even your RV itself.  It’s all unique and so is your RV insurance policy.  This protects your RV inside and out while you’re driving or parked at a campsite. You can get coverage for accidents, belongings inside your RV and injuries that happen on your campsite (or around where your RV is parked).

  Umbrella Policies

You’ve got a nice home, multiple cars and steady jobs. Life is good. That’s why you need to consider an umbrella insurance policy.  For most families, it’s an essential level of insurance that provides an extra layer of liability coverage over your home, auto, boat and other policies.  Once the liability limits on those policies have been exhausted, your umbrella policy coverage kicks in.  Consider it an additional amount of liability coverage, between $1 million and $5 million, on top of your current policy liability limits.  And, most policies are fairly inexpensive and a great way to protect your assets in the event of a loss.


    Golf Cart Policies

Local laws require you to carry liability insurance if you operate your street legal golf cart on City streets.  So cruise downtown or around your subdivision in your street legal golf cart knowing you're covered.  Golf Cart policies protect you in the same manner as an auto or motorcycle policy.   Protection is provided for injury or property damage you cause to others, as well as coverage for your golf cart if it is damaged in an accident, from flood, fire, theft, vandalism, etc.   And policies are very inexpensive; starting around $126 per year on average.